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Chair-Prof. M. Amélia Santos

Instituto Superior Técnico
Lisbon, Portugal



The "Fernando Pulidori Prize", at its 5th edition, will be awarded to a young researcher, author of an original paper, published during 2010-2012 or that has been accepted for publication, at the time of this application.

The requirements for applying are:

- The candidate must be 35 years old or younger by December 31st 2012
- The candidate must be a PhD student or grantee at a University or Research Centre
- The candidate must be one of the authors of the paper

The candidate must present:

- A copy of the published or accepted paper in PDF format
- A copy of their curriculum vitae and scientific activity (maximum two pages) in PDF, DOC, or DOCX format

The applicants must register online first, and then send these documents by e-mail to the organizing committee ( until March 19th 2012. The Scientific committee of ISMEC2012 will evaluate the scientific impact of the paper, its originality and innovative character in the field of thermodynamics and kinetics of complexes in solution, and evaluate the contribution of the applicant's work.

The awarded young scientist will take part in ISMEC2012 with the registration free of charge, receive a monetary prize of 200 , and will have the chance to present the winning work at the awarding ceremony. An extended abstract of that work will also be published in "La Chimica e L'industria", the official journal of the Italian Chemical Society.

And the winner is...

Jorge González García
, from the University of Valencia!

With the paper:

Jorge Gonzalez, Raquel Gavara, Oscar Gadea, Salvador Blasco, Enrique García-España, Fernando Pina,
"Kinetics of Zn2+ complexation by a ditopic phenanthroline-azamacrocyclic scorpiand-like receptor",
Chem. Commun.
2012, 48, 1994–1996


Congratulations to the winner!


Fernando Pulidori (1928-2007)

Was born on June 26th 1928 in Ferrara, Italy.

Education: graduated in 1958 in Chemistry at the University of Ferrara, after five years in the food industry; in 1968 he completed his Ph.D in Physical Chemistry.

Employments: volunteer researcher at the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Ferrara (1958-60); lecturer in Experimental Physical Chemistry (1960-68); Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry, (1968-80) and finally Full Professor of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry (1981-2000) of the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Ferrara; head of the Chemistry Department (1988-1994).

Main fields of research:

- Dipole moments in apolar solvents; corrosion and inhibition of iron corrosion; adsorption of organic compounds at polarized interfaces and electrical double layer structure; electroreduction mechanisms of organic compounds of environmental interest.
- Solution equilibria: thermodynamic studies on complex formation of binary and ternary metal complexes with various low-molecular weight biofunctional ligands, by means of potentiometry, spectrophotometry and calorimetry; stereoselective effects in ternary complex formation and their application in resolution of enantiomeric mixtures.
- Solute-solute-solvent interactions of model organic compounds in aqueous solutions. Hydrophilic-hydrophobic interactions and solvation models.

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